Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Update-a-roo-ski: A Cane, OMT, Pelvic PT, Etc.

Alright, here are some updates. I'm a huge fan of the bullet-style blogging (if you haven't already noticed), so - read on...

* I have a start date for OMT: September 15. Unfortunately, that's a long way off. This OMT (who has apparently treated SPD/PSD/PGP before, wahoo!) only sees three new patients a week, so... that's me. Since she's one of few in my area, she's obviously booked out. Also, I'll travel about a hour and 15 minutes to get to her. I'm on the cancellation list, so we shall see if that happens. In any case, I'm excited to see what OMT has to offer me!

* I met with my ortho doc again yesterday, for x-rays and an examination. The bad news: my PS gap has hardly closed. I was at 2.5cm at 10 weeks PP, and am now at about 2.3cm at just over 6 months PP. I say "bad news", because my heart sunk when I saw that. However, my doc says that, even if the width of my gap stays stubbornly where it is, my recovery can still progress, with continued focus on core strength, pelvic floor work, and gait training. I see that I should believe this, because (a) if I don't, what do I have left?! and (b) he (my doc) has treated SPD before, and seen nearly full recoveries happen.

* The good news from my ortho doc: I am officially ditching my walker, and moving on to using a cane! I have secretly been using a cane for the past few weeks, at first just around the house, but in the past week while out and about, too. I decided to go for it after hearing from some of the ladies in the SPD Facebook group: many were moved from the walker to the cane at around 3 weeks postpartum, on the recommendation of their pelvic PTs. I confessed all of this to my ortho doc, and he nodded sagely and said, "Good for you - that's the right choice". I told him about my PTs being gun shy about progressing me, and he wrote them a note for me to deliver, explaining that now is the time to let me "weight bear to tolerance". #letsgoooo

* In addition to continuing with my current PTs and pool work, I'm going to see a pelvic PT, too. I found a woman who practices about 10 minutes from the school where I work (!!!), and asked my ortho doc if it would be a good idea for me to see her, too. He said that, while he has a lot of knowledge after having practiced for 35 years, he is open to trying new things (such as writing a referral for a PT he has no personal knowledge of), and gives me his medical blessing. So. Stay tuned for more on that!

* Little R slept for the entire night, with no wake-ups, in his crib last night, for the first time ever. He also started daycare this week (he'll be going 3 days/week), and he (nor I) has suffered too much with the transition so far.

Speaking of the devil, he's done in his jumparoo for the time being. Time for a diaper change, a bottle, and a nap. More later -

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