Friday, July 1, 2016

Onward, Onward

Well, here we are, almost a month from my last post. Here is what's cooking...

* I am officially back in the pool for PT, without any resurgence of infection! THANK GOODNESS. Today will mark my fourth session, and I am loving it. My body is also loving it... the weightlessness of the salt water pool is amazing - I literally feel no pain when I'm in there. I am currently working on walking "regularly" (heel-to-toe, natural stride length, etc.) and strengthening both my hips and my belly. MAN, will I ever be excited when I can begin working away at my mommy-pooch... !

* My first session with my therapist went well. I definitely haven't ruled out meeting with her again - as a matter of fact, I plan to next week. I was worried that I would leave that first meeting thinking that I had wasted my time, but that's not the case. Hopefully it will help me feel better about everything that has happened.

* This month I meet with the orthopedic trauma doctor again. I'll have another round of x-rays to see how my healing is going, and to make a plan of attack for the next few months of recovery. I'm still using the Rollator now, but I wonder if the doc will support me using a cane and/or crutches instead - my PT has been wondering if that would be a good next step (no pun intended), to help me re-learn how to walk correctly (gait training). We shall see.

I am finding it hard to believe that it's been almost 5 months since R was born, since I first learned what a pubic symphysis is, and how much it sucks to have it rupture. Maybe these blog posts have helped someone else going through the same thing, or dealing with PSD, etc. etc. No matter what, I know that that blogging has been a definite, therapeutic activity on this end. Here's to RECOVERY - no matter how slow it's been, it's HAPPENING. #staythankful

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