Thursday, July 27, 2017

Eight Months Later... !

... and my life is much, much better than it was at this time in 2016. Let me count the ways:

(1) I have graduated from prolotherapy. My last treatment was in February, and I last went in to see Dr. Bell in May. She is thrilled by my progress, and did some actual OMT adjustments during the visit in May. I'll see her again at the end of August for a check-in/possible tune-up, but - the worst is behind me, as far as prolo goes. I can't say that I miss the injections (and subsequent pain), but I would do it all over again if I had to!

(2) I have graduated from physical therapy. My last day was in late January, complete with balloons and happy tears. I am going in once a week now, but for nothing related to my SI/pubic symphysis. We are working on strengthening my calves and my feet! Now that I am up and about much, much more, my feet/lower legs (which have always been rather small/weak: I partially torn an Achilles tendon three years ago, and have had multiple stress fractures in my metatarsals) need to get pumped ::clap clap:: UP! It's been nice to reconnect with my PT, too. She is around my age, and has a daughter who is just a bit older than R, so we have grown close.

(3) I am regularly doing cardio (elliptical, stationary bike, and brisk walks) 4-5 times a week, and am also keeping up with my core/stabilizing exercises. It feels REALLY GOOD to be getting stronger and fitter again. I have also been given the green light to pick up a field hockey stick again, wahoo! Not necessarily for hardcore scrimmaging, but I should be able to warm up the high school goalkeepers I coach, and rip some shots on goal... just for fun. :)

(4) My family is doing well. Hubby is muuuuch happier without his gallbladder, and R is laughing, babbling, eating, playing, and growing happily. Even our two cats are at peace with the current set-up! I'm sure there are more challenges ahead (because what is Life without them?!), but I feel ready. With everything we've been through since R's birth, and how we've responded, I'm ready to roll. As always -

Stay Thankful!

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