Saturday, April 16, 2016

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

After meeting with the ortho doc a few days ago, I've got some more information on my situation. Here is what I found out:

* I won't be needing surgery. Apparently, surgery to fix a pubic symphysis rupture is relatively rare, and this doctor told me that, while he has done the surgery before, he "regretted it". It can make for a faster recovery time, but it can be extremely painful and complications are possible (as with any surgery, I suppose). Also, by inserting a plate between the pubic bones, you can cause more SI joint pain... no, thanks.

* I'm going to restart physical therapy. As of my first week postpartum, I had in-home PT 2-3 times per week. We stopped after I got my diagnosis, but before I spoke with the ortho doc. While the progress was s-l-o-w, there was definite gains over the past 2 months: I went from not being able to lift my legs onto the bed, to using a leg lifter, to now being able to do it independently with minimal discomfort. During PT, I did light stretching, standing exercises, floor exercises, and bed exercises, all of which focused primarily on core strength/the SI area. I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

* I won't be wearing a binding belt. According to the doc, wearing one is hit-or-miss, as far as helping with the pain goes. I wore one for about 40 minutes during the MRI of my pelvis, and I was back to a pain level 8-9 (out of 10) for the next 48 hours. Given that info, the doc said I should skip it. He didn't need to tell me twice!

* I'll continue taking ibuprofen and a NSAID as needed for pain. I've been trying to taper (before this, I hardly EVER took OTC pain meds), but I find I need to take a full dose overnight (sleeping for even 3 hours in a row in the supine position bothers me).

* Other than PT, "patience, my dear, patience!" is the primary ingredient of my treatment plan (quote the doc). It'll take me 4-6 more months to recovery fully.

* "Recover fully" for me means back to my old-self, at 100% functionality! I was REALLY worried about asking the doc if that was even a possibility: I know from my internet research that, even years after an injury that caused PSD, people live with chronic pain. Even though I'm hesitant to set myself up for failure - to believe that I WILL get better, all the way - I need to focus on it, in order to keep my spirits afloat.

SO, there you have it. Writing here with a newborn on my hands is turning out to be trickier than planned, but I'll update as much as the little man allows (for example, right now R is sleeping in his Rock 'N Play - I'm rocking him with my foot as I type)..... and he's awake! More later.

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