Friday, April 22, 2016

Starting Outpatient PT Today

... and I'm admittedly a bit nervous. I had such an amazing experience with my in-home PT, I'm worried that my new outpatient PT will somehow mess with the progress I've made. Ever since my diagnosis/in the time before starting PT anew, I've continued to do my exercises at home. All of them center around my pelvic floor muscles. When I'm home alone with R, I find that I can get away with doing standing exercises most easily - no extra time needed to situate myself on a bed or on the floor. Other than standing exercises, I also do bed exercises (which, yes, all start with me lying on my back on the bed) and floor exercises (all of which start with me on hands and knees on the floor). I do the standing exercises at the kitchen sink, or really anywhere where I can balance my hands on something that's at about waist height. If anyone is interested in more information about the specifics, just comment below.

While none of the exercises are vigorous, I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I do them. Before my injury, I was a very active person: Frisbee, field hockey, running, biking - all of it. My postpartum months have definitely been the most inactive of my life to date. It's such a downer... but thankfully PT is something that helps lift my spirits, while at the same time enabling me to make physical gains, too. #staythankful!

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