Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Assistive Devices

I've had to rely on an assortment of assistive devices since coming home from the hospital. Here they are, with reviews and all:

* A Rollator walker: This has been my most used assistive device. Before getting a Rollator, I was using a less heavy-duty, 2-wheeled walker. The Rollator has 4 wheels, ergonomic handles, brakes, and a seat that also functions as a place to store/transport things. These days, I don't use the Rollator when I'm moving around small areas in my house (like the bathroom, the walk-in closet, etc.). So long as I have something to balance myself on nearby (counter tops, door frames, and the like), I do OK. The Rollator also easily folds up and fits in the trunk of my small SUV for transport. I have it in a bright blue color, too, which adds to its appeal in my mind.

* A grabber: This is used to (what else!) grab things that are out of reach. There are TONS of affordable grabbers out there - I have an EZ Reacher that I found at Rite Aid. I don't need to use it anymore, but it was most helpful to pull up my pants (TMI? Maybe. Oh well!) and pull down shades in my living room.

* A raised toilet seat: A completely necessary item! When I first came home from the hospital, sitting down was NOT easy to do. Both the pain and the unsteadiness of my core contributed to that. I have a Drive Medical Elevated Toilet Seat, with the padded arms. It's still installed in our guest bathroom, although I could probably sit and stand without it now.

* A rubber ring seat: I didn't start using this until a few weeks ago, when I started sitting at the kitchen table again. It's literally a rubber, blowup ring that you sit on - VERY comfortable. I also picked this up at Rite Aid.

These were all things that my PT suggested I use. They all definitely helped my functionality around the house. Even though I paid out of pocket for a few of them, I figure I'll use them again when I reach the geriatric stage of life! :)

Also, for the record: it took me 3 days to write and publish this post, thanks to the presence of my little R. He'll be 3 months old next week... time is FLYING, in that regard!

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