Monday, May 16, 2016


As I sit here with a napping R in my lap (we just passed the 2 hour mark!!), it's a good time for an update. I'm sad to report that I'm not doing PT in the pool right now, and possibly ever again. I developed a nasty case of contact dermatitis on my nipples, and my PCP is certain that it's from the chemicals in the pool. I saw her almost a week ago, and have orders to apply lanolin, air-dry as possible, and stay out of the water. So. To put things bluntly, I find this turn of events to be complete BS and am feeling bummed. As I wrote in my last post, I was really enjoying my time in the pool, in addition to it being the best possible PT for healing my PS... gahhhhh! So frustrating! I'm not sure that getting back to pool PT (and risking more nipple issues) would be worth it to me. We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm still going to PT, but am doing "dry" activities. A new one is "tummy time". No, but really: just like R, I now have this on my daily to-do list! My PT has me laying on my stomach for 10 minutes. While I'm down there, she helps me do other stretching-related exercises, but the tummy time is apparently helping my hips stretch back and realign themselves. Not too shabby.

OK, the boy seems to be stirring. More later.

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