Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pool PT Review

So far, so good!

PT in the pool has been REALLY great. I've had a total of 3 sessions so far, and am scheduled for 8. Not only am I doing exercises to strengthen my core and hips (which will help my PS slowly stitch itself back together), I am also getting the benefits of good old exercise. After each session, I'm feeling muscle soreness that's just from doing ANYTHING exercise-related, and I love it. Here's what my last session looked like:

* Total time: 35 minutes

* With a pool noodle, walk forward 4 lengths of the pool (focusing on heel-to-toe stepping).

* With a pool noodle, walk backwards 2 lengths of the pool (focusing on toe-to-heel stepping).

* Holding on to the pool deck for balance, march in place for 20 steps total.

* Stand without holding on to the pool deck (so, with arms at my side) for 10 seconds. Do this with feet together, left foot forward, and right foot forward.

* Laying/floating in a recliner position (with the pool noodle supporting me behind my arms), do flutter kicks, pedal pushers, and legs in/out. Do 20 reps of each.

* Traction float (i.e. floating with the pool noodle supporting me behind my arms) for 5-ish minutes.

The above workout definitely made me sore later that afternoon. Today (the day after), I'm feeling the usual pains and aches, but nothing too crazy. It's pretty easy to differentiate between PS pain and regular, healthy soreness. I hope that I continue to make progress... I suppose that plateauing is a fear of mine. Time will tell!

More later, gators.

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